How to Get Here


From San Jose, take Sansa, or Nature Air to Golfito Airport. We are a 25 minute water taxi ride from the dock in Golfito to Playa Zancudo. The water taxi driver will take you from Golfito to the dock in Playa Zancudo and then directly to our house by car for around $40. It is a dock to door service! If you were planning on going to the Osa Peninsula first, you would fly into Puerto Jiminez and take a water taxi to Playa Zancudo from there.


From the center of San Jose, we are approximately an 8 hour drive south. If it is your first trip to Costa Rica, we would recommend public transportation (especially flying) but if you are adventurous, go for it. Honestly, you do not need a car and the ride is not that fun. Your rental car will be sitting in our garage the whole time and you will not be looking forward to the drive back to San Jose. There is a reason we don’t have a car anymore in Playa Zancudo. It sat in the garage. Now we either walk, take a bike ride or call a cab. Playa Zancudo has one cab. There is really no sightseeing in Playa Zancudo by car.


For about $12 a person, you can take Tracopa from the center of San Jose right to the center of Golfito where you will then catch the water taxi for around $40. The bus takes about 7-8 hours. These buses are nice and comfortable (if you are not too tall).

Taxi from Golfito

Once you arrive in Golfito, especially if it is at night, you can take a regular taxi for about $50. It will take about 2.5 hours on a boring, bumpy road. The water taxi is the best way to go if you arrive during the day.

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