Things to do


Deep sea fishing, river fishing and on-shore fishing are available. There are many boats and captains available to take you out. Although it is recommended to make your fishing reservations ahead of time if it’s peak season, (January-March). The fishing is world class and les expensive then in most other parts of Costa Rica. Dorado(Mahi Mahi) Tuna and Sailfish are plentiful. Zancudo is home to the Famous Roy’s Zancudo Lodge which holds many records.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is available. Inquire at Sol y Mar about renting horses. You can ride on the beach or up into the hills. The best times to go riding on the beach is at low tide and early morning


Bring your own surfboard or rent one in Zancudo. Lessons are also available. Keep in mind the further south you walk down the beach, the BIGGER the waves get! Our beach is for novices and experts alike and not too far from Pavones, a major surfing area.


Kayak rentals are available through Los Cocos. You can kayak on the river or the ocean. You can try your luck at surfing the waves! One highly recommended trip is kayaking a side branch of the river where you feel like you’re in a flashback of Jurrasic Park. You can possibly see caymans, monkeys, all different kinds of birds and parrots. If the tides are right and you are able to kayak when it’s getting close to dusk you will have the privilege of seeing and hearing the parrots coming to roost for the night. The sound can be overwhelming!

Swimming and Boogie Boarding

In front of our house at low tide the ocean can be as calm as a lake and is wonderful for a relaxing morning swim. As the tide starts coming in the waves will start to get bigger and it is great for body surfing or boogie boarding.

Beach Walking

Sometimes you can walk for a long time and not see a soul. You feel like you’re on your on private beach but for the scurrying sand crabs! The palm trees lining the edge of the beach hide most of the houses from view giving a very natural feel to the beach. Alas, those of you who like to pick up shells will find few, but those of you who are fascinated with rocks and driftwood will find a wide array to choose from. Although beware rock collecting can be quite addictive, each and every rock has different details and well hey doesn’t this one look cool, oh yeah look at this one… and before you know it you’re carrying a load of rocks back to the beach house!

Day Trips:

Osa Peninsula:

Day trips to Osa Peninsula for hiking, swimming etc. are available. There are some beautiful locations on the Osa Peninsula for day hikes through the jungle, climbing waterfalls etc. that are well worth the trip. The potential for seeing wildlife such as toucans, macaws, monkeys are high.


Pavones is a world class surfing destination. It is about a one hour drive from Zancudo. If you like extreme surfing you will enjoy checking this area out. The beach and rock formations are beautiful. There are some small restaurants to eat at there as well.

Bird watching:

Put out bananas in the tree next to the porch and you will have blue, red winged and yellow tanagers come visit you. We even had a woodpecker and an iguana come and eat the bananas as well! We also have hummingbirds that will buzz by you as you are lying in the hammock. Green parrots can be found on the peninsula. All you have to do is listen for them!!

Check out our Mountain Home as well!